Celebrating the Best of the Best: 2019 P&G Best of Brand Awards

This week, we hosted our annual Best of Brand Awards during our North America Brand Summit to recognize the leaders and the brands that are delivering ground-breaking design, innovation, and strategy, enabling us to create irresistible experiences enjoyed by our consumers, every day.

The brands named below have repeatedly won the hearts and minds of consumers by proving they’re the best choice through our strategy of superiority – with irresistibly superior products. They have winning packaging designs, poignant and informative brand communication, superior retail execution, and deliver exceptional consumer and customer value.

This year, we have 94 brand and country combinations that cleared the bar during the past year to become a finalist. These brands represent over $1.5 billion dollars, more than half of the total growth of the company.

Congratulations to the following named to our P&G 2019 Best of Brand list.


SK-II is re-imagining creativity, with breakthrough new creative ideas to engage young executives. They’re reinventing advertising to make it more interesting by merging the ad world with other creative worlds like comedy and music with an entertainment web series titled, “Bare Skin Chat.”


Cascade Platinum is the brand’s hero, combining superior product and packaging to support the claim that “nothing cleans better.” This promise is realized through the brand’s  “My Mom” advertising, featuring the innocent observations of a daughter watching her mom pre-wash the dishes – a task no longer required, thanks to Cascade.


Gain continues its journey to build the most iconic scent brand ever. Gain’s product innovations delight consumers with superior fragrance experiences such as “smack me in the face” scent with Scent Blast or a “light fresh scent” with Blissful Breeze, and a product that provides both a clean and fragrance experience with Gain Flings.


In Japan, Pantene challenged the protocol requiring students to dye their hair black or submit a “National Hair Certificate” to the education authorities to prove their hair is not colored. Their #HairWeGo campaign influenced the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education to stop public high schools in Tokyo from forcing students to dye their naturally non-black hair, black.


Charmin’s brand building is delivering Better Bathroom Experiences so that people can Enjoy the Go – from irresistibly superior products, to offering consumers the opportunity to go to the bathroom without missing their favorite show, to providing bathrooms where they don’t exist – but should. And the brand delivers playful communication, which causes consumers to pause, wink, and act, with their iconic bears.


Today, Olay Greater China is one of the most talked-about and on-trend brands loved by consumers in Greater China. They have transformed their products, packaging and retail into a prestige beauty experience and their “No Fear of Age” message is demonstrating that age can’t restrict life.


Mr. Clean is wowing consumers with its product superiority and cleaning performance with new innovations such as Magic Eraser Sheets and Clean Freak Mist. These innovation launches have transformed the jobs done by wipes and sprays with category-disrupting retail execution and superior benefit communication of “tough cleaning made easy,” that elevates our favorite cleaning champion, Mr. Clean.


Oral-B hit records with Oral-B Power, now the most recommended brand by dentists worldwide. In France, 9 out of 10 people claim they will never go back to a manual toothbrush. Japan saw record dentist recommendations and usage with its power claim “99.7% plaque removal” with Oral-B’s superior round rotation product. And in North America, consumers are brushing like pros.


Febreze is educating consumers about the sources and causes of odor, helping them “breathe happy for good.” Their communication uses whimsical visuals to make the invisible, visible—both bad odors and their fresh air benefit. And in Korea, Febreze has reimagined creativity to merge the ad world with the music industry, with entertainment that will get you dancing.


The brand brought back Pepto’s iconic song and dance campaign while modernizing the tune with a boy-band, step-changed its packaging by dialing up its iconic drip, colors and 5-symptom claims, and strengthened its retail presence. All of these actions helped deliver a superior consumer proposition, delivering Pepto-Bismol’s best year ever.


Ariel is a stellar example of the superiority strategy at work with consumers choosing the brand for its outstanding stain removal action in one wash. They are also helping people tackle the toughest laundry challenges with Ariel 3-in-1 Pods. This campaign from France illustrates Ariel’s benefits and convenience, begging an obvious answer to, “Do You Pod?”


Always is helping girls feel confident during puberty and inspiring women to embrace every life stage without limits. The brand is a Force for Good and a Force for Growth through girls’ education and their brilliant #EndPeriodPoverty campaign.


Fairy returned to their heritage of mildness on hand dish with the Brand’s icon “Bizzie,” that little baby in diapers you see on the package which originated in the 1930s. But they added a disruptive twist by introducing Bizzie’s alter ego “Tough Bizzie.”

We also recognized several winning brand teams, with the top honors going to Downy/Lenor, Vicks, and Old Spice. These brands are recognized for growing across multiple markets over the past 3 years. Here are featured clips from the three winners:


Downy/Lenor is seeing a streak of growth with breakthrough innovations like Downy Wrinkle Guard to keeping those pesky wrinkles away from your clothes no matter what you might be doing.


VICKS delivered strong results in multiple countries through the superior sensorial experience of Vaporub, a 125-year old iconic product. In North America, the team launched VapoCOOL, combining the symptom-fighting relief of NyQuil and DayQuil with immediate and powerful Vicks Vapors.

Old Spice

Old Spice knows that guys aren’t great at sharing their stuff, especially when it comes to personal care products. The new campaign, Men Have Skin Too, has achieved 250 million views with 250 thousand likes and impressive comments such as “Old Spice gets me.”